Eddy Braveaux has been honing his craft for over a decade, developing a unique hip hop aesthetic he calls “dream trap”. Born Edward Ebri to Nigerian immigrants in Jacksonville, FL, Eddy is a proud first generation American. With grit and determination he’s built a reputation for himself not just as a talented rapper, but also a producer, recording engineer and graphic designer. A true independent creative.

Braveaux’s style is heavily influenced by martial arts and video games, built around dense beats and employing sly, incisive wordplay. Throughout his career he’s mostly remained a solo artist, but recently he decided to branch out and start doing features and collaborations. This includes his new single “INCOMING”, featuring an early member of XXXTentacion’s infamous hip hop collective Member’s Only, Miami rapper Fukkit. “INCOMING” has a mellow swagger to it, with Braveaux laying back in the cut and unleashing Fukkit to provide contrast with his signature raunchy, aggressive style. Production on the track by Frost The Wave God sound like it’s from another planet, with distorted kicks and spooky sci-fi synth sequences making you feal like you’ve entered another realm.