“Action” by CRSB is featured in Episode 2 in the new season of Tyler Perry BET+ series “Bruh”. This is the second placement the band has received in this show, following the use of their song “M.I.A.” in the first season. The 19-episode dramedy returns this Thursday, May 27 with three episodes at launch, then moving to a weekly rollout every Thursday thereafter.

About CRSB

CRSB is a musical duo based out of the San Francisco Bay Area who create their own unique brand of Island Soul-infused Pop. The group garnered mass attention from the public after they began to release live home videos performing their original compositions. Now, CRSB has a collection of videos that have amassed over three and a half million plays on YouTube.

About “Bruh” on BET+

This original comedy follows the lives of four African-American men as they navigate careers, relationships and life in Atlanta. The show focuses on hard-luck entrepreneur John and his more successful friends from college Tom, Bill and Mike.

Shawn Vaughn (This is 20), Quei Tann (How To Get Away With Murder), Liz Lafontant (The Oval) and Ebony N. Mayo (Star) have been added as recurring cast, joining stars Barry Brewer, Mahdi Cocci, Phillip Mullings Jr., Monti Washington, Chandra Currelley, Candice Renée and Alyssa Goss, who return to reprise their roles. You can watch the trailer to Season 2 of “Bruh” below: