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“Action” by CRSB is featured in Episode 2 in the new season of Tyler Perry BET+ series “Bruh”. This is the second placement the band has received in this show, following the use of their song “M.I.A.” in the first season. The 19-episode dramedy returns this Thursday, May 27 with three episodes at launch, then moving to a weekly rollout every Thursday thereafter. About CRSB CRSB is a musical duo based out of the San Francisco Bay Area who create their own unique brand of Island Soul-infused Pop. The group garnered mass attention from the public after they began to release live home videos performing their original compositions. Now, CRSB has a collection of videos that have amassed over three and a half million plays on YouTube. About “Bruh” on BET+ This original comedy follows the lives of four African-American men as they navigate careers, relationships and life in Atlanta. […]

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