Big news from Scandinavia! Four songs by our artists are being featured in the latest online ad campaign of the Swedish wellness supplement brand Elexir Pharma.


Named for the town in Oregon where the band is from, Roseburg is an alternative rock band known for their gritty sound and poignant lyrics that explore themes of youth and resilience.

“Wonderful Day” by Roseburg

Beecher’s Fault

Beecher’s Fault is an indie pop duo from Astoria, New York, celebrated for their catchy hooks and harmonious vocals that effortlessly fuse electronic and acoustic elements. Since their formation in 2011, they’ve captivated audiences with their heartfelt storytelling and dynamic stage presence.

“Matchsticks Kings” – Beacher’s Fault


Certainly So

Certainly So is an indie rock band known for their eclectic sound that blends melodic guitar riffs with synth-pop elements. Based in Nashville, they’ve quickly gained a loyal following with their energetic live performances and introspective lyrics.

“Wonderful Time” by Certainly So


Born and raised in Buffalo but currently based in Los Angeles, Katmaz is the spoonerism moniker of Matthew Kaz. Renowned for his unique blend of indie folk and electronic music, creating an atmospheric soundscape that captivates listeners. Since launching his solo career in 2015, Katmaz has garnered attention for his introspective lyrics and innovative production techniques.

“I Can’t Get Enough” by Katmaz

Elexir Pharma

Based in Stockholm, Elexir Pharma is a Swedish pharmaceutical company that specializes in the development and commercialization of innovative therapies primarily focused on research and development in the fields of neurology, oncology, and immunology.