British singer-songwriter Jacob Browne releases his brand new single “Say Something” today, an infectiously rhythmic pop song about the tension that arises when communication breaks down in a relationship.

“I remember getting to the studio the day of writing and felt so trapped in my relationship. I had been with my partner for over four years, but things just didn’t feel right and we weren’t talking as honestly as we used to. I was so madly in love, but the communication between us was breaking down to a point of no return. After messaging her a few times with no reply and having already confided in my struggles with my songwriting partner; that’s when “Say Something” was born. After this point, we knew we needed to create a production that was extremely powerful and exceptionally melodic as to ensure we were matching the emotive story that we had come up with.”
Jacob Browne.

As a young boy Jacob Browne suffered the tragic loss of his father, around the same time that he discovered his deep love and talent for singing. Growing up in London he found music to be a great coping mechanism for his loss, and when he reached adulthood began furiously writing songs to try and turn all his demons into something positive. The result was his debut album “Into The Rain”, which he released independently in 2020, and quickly earned him half a million streams on Spotify.

Now having achieved more than three times that amount of streams in just one year, people are starting to take notice of this rising young artist. His music is exceptionally well produced and cinematic, very well suited to a wide range of sync uses.