Just in time for Spring Break and the start of summer, Jenn Morel’s latest blazing new single “Chapon” will have you up and moving. This irresistibly energetic track taps into Jenn’s Dominican roots with a driving Dembow rhythm and empowering lyrics. Her message is clear: it’s ok for a woman to have fun, feel sexy and shake her rump!

Dominican-American rapper Jenn Morel continues to pave her way in the LatinX music scene after starting her career as a dancer and comedy influencer. Over the past four years she has established her unique sound as a rapper, garnering over 100 million streams and touring throughout Europe. A top figure in the Zumba fitness community, Jenn has also broken into sync scoring placements with Samsung, Fortnite and Just Dance. If you’re looking for fun, energetic, infectious Latin rhythms with a badass attitude be sure to keep tabs on this incredible talent!