Coming through with another hip hop banger to add to the collection is Jenn Morel with her latest single, “Estilo Cochino”. The Dominican-American rapper’s infectious cadence and swagger definitely sets her apart from the rest. Switching up the flow and increasing intensity throughout the track, at the one minute mark she spits a lightning fast verse that would make Busta Rhymes blush. If that weren’t enough she also styled, produced and creative directed the one-shot music video (see below).

Originally, Jenn started off as a dancer and social media/comedy influencer and quickly built a following from a short freestyle video that inspired her platinum hit record “Ponteme”. Over the past four years, Jenn Morel has blossomed into an international sensation and has garnered over 80 million streams worldwide. She has also had sync placements with brands like Samsung, Fortnite, and Just Dance. Who’s next? Is it you?

Check out the video for “Estilo Cochino”: