When two badass Dominican artists join forces, you just know that whatever they’re cooking up will be a fire hazard. With his new remix of “Socorro”, producer Loko Velocet adds fuel to the flames and takes this track to a whole new level. Coupled with Jenn Morel’s breakneck flows and infectious swagger, these two created an Electro-Dembow banger that is sure to get your body moving!

Despite his hectic schedule as founder & CEO of Symphonic (our beloved parent company), somehow Jorge Brea finds time to moonlight as artist/producer/remixer Loko Velocet. In both roles, Jorge’s intense creativity and determination shine through in his work.

Starting off her career as a dancer, Jenn Morel built a huge social media following and made a name for herself as a heavy hitting Latin rapper. With over 80 million streams worldwide and sync placements with Samsung, Fortnite, Just Dance and Red Bull, this lady is on her way to world domination!