We’re often asked what kinds of songs are in high demand and low supply for sync, and one of them is “sexy but not sexual”. It’s a tricky balance, but you know it when you hear it. Chi-town native Johari Noelle absolutely nails this vibe with “Get Free”. In the opening minute of the song her soft and sultry voice sits atop a subtle dancehall rhythm, then out of nowhere a smooth drum fill launches us into a Badu-esque neo-soul groove. Johari wrote this song to try to bring ease and joy to herself and others, just like that old adage you can’t love anyone until you first learn to love yourself.

“My music is about getting out how I feel and being very present in that moment. It’s important for me to embrace myself in a way that empowers me to feel each emotion and remain in touch with myself. I want people to know that they aren’t alone in what they are feeling. I want to convey a sense of relatability. I feel like a lot of music isn’t within reach for listeners. It sounds good but people can’t connect to it deeply. If I perform a song about quitting my job, they can latch onto it because they’ve quit a job over some B.S. or wanted to quit a job and couldn’t. Maybe they’ve been in love and didn’t understand how to express it. Or are in a relationship with someone and they don’t understand how to love that person or how they receive or prefer to give love. They don’t speak their love language. My story connects to yours. My songs are meant to touch people. I want you to feel peace and comfort. I want to create something that creates conversation or community through shared experiences. It isn’t a niche message for a niche crowd. I’m reaching for humanity in my music.
Johari Noelle

The daughter of a DJ, Johari cut her teeth performing in choirs and musical theatre during her formative years. In 2015, she joined the cast of BET docu-series Chasing Destiny, where she was mentored by Kelly Rowland and famed choreographer Frank Gatson Jr. Her acting resume has since grown to include credits on FOX’s Empire and Proven Innocent, along with a role in Nike’s React II campaign. With love and praise from mainstream outlets like Billboard, The New York Times, The Chicago Tribune; it’s no wonder Johari has recently been picked up on Spotify’s editorial playlist “Fresh Finds”. Naturally, we only work with the best emerging independent talent!

Check out the official video for Johari Noelle’s “Get Free”:

Johari Noelle – Get Free (Official Music Video)