The new album ‘Love Potion No. 9’ by emerging R&B artist Judaea, is an intimate look at the past few years of her life. The album opens with the ethereal intro track “Going My Way”, a song that speaks to themes of self-empowerment, self-love and determination for a better life. Across eight tracks, she shares her story of struggling with losing love and finding it again in herself and others.

For me, creating music is about creating a moment and living in that moment, celebrating the love and light in that moment & then playing it over & over again.

Judaea’s sound is a synth driven mix of R&B and Pop, paired with her soft and sultry vocals. Though lyrically a very personal and emotional album, her slick production and top notch songwriting manages to get your head moving along the way. In the leadup to her album release, Judaea’s single “I Wanna Feel” is being featured in the new Sony Pictures feature thriller “The Invitation”, which just premiered on August 26th. No doubt the first of many more to come!