In an empowering call to girls around the world, Nashville singer/songwriter Katie Toupin reminisces about her childhood with a love song to her little heart in a brand new single entitled “Astronaut”. Inspired by time spent with her young nieces during the first month of lockdown, Katie returns to the innocence, wonder and excitement in a young girl’s life where anything is possible:

When I grow up
I want to be an astronaut
I’m gonna grow up
And I’m gonna be an astronaut
Gonna fly to space
Save the human race
And do it all with a smile plastered on my face

After six successful years with the band Houndmouth and their breakout hit “Sedona”, Katie Toupin embarked on a journey to find her own voice as an artist. Spending time writing and recording in Los Angeles, Austin and Nashville, in 2018 Katie released her debut EP Moroccan Ballroom, followed by a stunning full-length album Magnetic Moves in 2019. “Astronaut” is the second of two singles that mark Katie’s departure from her Americana roots firmly into the Indie Rock space.