The mysterious Florida duo known as King Complex have built a reputation for their masked stage performances (not for hygienic reasons) and their ability to effortlessly morph into a completely different band from song to song. In recent years their sound has evolved into what is now a very lush and somewhat psychedelic sound, with a bit of a Pet Sounds on mushrooms feel to it. Their new single “If There’s Beauty” perfectly alludes to the vibe of the record, filled with angelic vocals, retro reverb and lush strings.

Coming off the success of their (very different) record “Dark Disco”, which racked up over a million streams on Spotify, the duo decided to pivot in a different direction to showcase their songwriting and production chops. In the efforts to explore the acoustic side of music, the duo cranked out the keys and vocals for this track in just thirty minutes before committing to a final sound that was different from their norm. The stripped down approach allowed the guys to focus on the writing without the “safety net of high scale production to fall back on.”

Check out the video for their single, “If There’s Beauty”. The video was created by Dwight Mathis at Normal Network featuring one shot lyric videos.: