You may know Laura Marano as the introverted and awkward songwriter Ally Dawson from Disney’s Austin & Ally, or perhaps in her role opposite Robert DeNiro, Christopher Walken and Uma Thurman in the family comedy, The War With Grandpa. But when she’s not busy starring in Hollywood films, Laura is in the studio writing and recording her own original songs. With an impressive 200+ million streams across all DSP’s, Laura has managed to build and maintain two successful careers in parallel.

With the release of her second EP entitled “You”, the song “Something To Believe In” has emerged as a fan favorite, resonating on many levels with those facing struggles during this difficult time.

“At its core, “Something to Believe In” is about being in a seemingly dark, hopeless place, only to have someone help you find the light. I wrote this song a few years ago, but it was this year that made me want to release it. I resonated with this song in a different, but very real way during the past few months, where it constantly felt like every day brought a new level of darkness and despair. The bright spots were the people in my life, making me remember and feel grateful for the beautiful light in my life.” – Laura Marano.

In response to her fan’s affection for the song, Laura recently released a moving music video as well as a remix by her co-writer AFSHEEN. Inspired by her older sister Vanessa’s experience starring in the hit show “Switched At Birth”, Laura decided to incorporate American Sign Language into the music video. You can watch it here:

It’s obvious that Laura’s experience as an actress has had an influence on the way she approaches songwriting. The weight of the choral background vocals and strings in the final chorus of “Something To Believe In” makes this a tailor-made song for montages, trailers, promos and commercials. If you’re searching for a song to inspire hope and give you all the feels, this is it!