Multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter and producer Lera Lynn pays tribute to her journey behind motherhood in her latest single, “I’m Your Kamikaze”.  Welcoming her first son during the early months of the pandemic, this song marked a new era of shifting priorities, strange endings, and new beginnings. Inside Lera was battling postpartum depression. Outside, a bigger picture began taking shape: a feeling of interconnectedness, of cyclic renewal, of the knowledge that every beginning is an end and every end is a beginning.

I got my musical start in the indie rock scene of Athens Ga. “Kamikaze” pays sonic homage to that beginning while illustrating the whiplash effect of early parenthood. It’s a continuation of the theme from “Something More Than Love;” that you are no longer your own; that you will now bow to the forces of nature and run yourself into the ground so that your child might thrive.

–     Lera Lynn

Co-produced and largely performed in part by her partner, Todd Lombardo (Kacey Musgraves/Donovan Woods/Kathleen Edwards), “I’m Your Kamikazee” is the second single off Lera’s forthcoming album “Something More Than Love” out on July 15th. Lera’s past syncs include a multitude of placements on HBO’s True Detective, Modern Love, and Pretty Little Liars with her haunting cover of “Ring of Fire”.

Check out the official teaser: