Breakups are always tough, but moving on can be even more difficult. In LO LA’s latest single, “happy 4 u” she dives into the complexities of dealing with exes and the reality of a heartbreak. The dark electro pop track is supported with a pulsating bass line and makes listeners feel as if they’re stuck in a trance. Coupled with honest and raw lyrics, LO LA holds nothing back as she deals with the emotional complexities of a breakup.

I wanted the song to really get those post-breakup feelings across—each note is like a piece of my own story. […] When I wrote ‘happy 4 u,’ I was digging into that messy post-breakup stuff, trying to turn it into a song that everyone could feel in their own way.

Lola Ficks-Chen, better known as LO LA is a Los Angeles based indie pop artist and a one woman team. Known for her infectious lyrics and sweet melodies, she has developed her own unique sound and amassed millions of streams all on her own terms. This track is the first single off her upcoming third EP, ‘CRAZY BABY’.