In her stunning new single “Visiones Doradas” (“Golden Visions”), singer/songwriter Loli Molina conjures up an introspective journey through the rugged terrain of the Andes region. The overall tone of the song is melancholy, meant to evoke both the harshness and beauty of the environment. The “golden visions” are an apparition, a mirage in the desolate landscape. The poetry doesn’t translate so well into English, but perhaps it’s beside the point. The music tells its own story, as all great songs do.

Loli Molina was born in Buenos Aires but is now based in Mexico City. Her deep connection to Latin America, as viewed through the lens of her own Andalucian ancestry, has an omnipresent influence on her sound. Her goal in music is to always transport her listeners to faraway places, bringing these locations to life and showing that anything is possible. Written and recorded in collaboration with Argentinian singer/songwriter Lucio Mantel, “Visiones Dolores” features exquisite Flamenco guitar blended with traditional South American folk percussion and a swirling soundscape of electric guitar swells. It’s for sure one of those songs you should listen to in headphones with your eyes closed.