It’s tough to find an 18 year old who thinks much about personal growth. At that age you’re legally an adult, so most teens assume that label earns you wisdom. It surely doesn’t, unless perhaps you fail often at an early age and learn a lot in the process. That’s what was on the mind of Lucy Cloud when she headed down to Music City to write “Crash And Learn” with co-writers Sean Mosely and Justin Morgan.

“You’re going to make mistakes. It will happen. You can’t be so hard on yourself. You have to let yourself feel whatever emotion you’re pushing away. You have to allow yourself to feel and to grow. The more you bottle up all the emotions, you’re just not going to learn. Then, they’ll explode, and it won’t end well.”

The arrangement for “Crash And Learn” is powerful yet understated, with Lucy’s voice firmly in the foreground sitting atop a subdued piano progression. Then, seemingly out of nowhere a breathtaking church choir appears out of nowhere adding emotional punctuation to the moving chorus.

Despite being only 18, Lucy possesses the voice of a singer who’s been developing her sound for years because well, she has been. Since the age of 11 she’s been writing songs as a way to deal with her emotions, and in 2020 this old soul caught the eye of Kevin Jonas, Sr. who quickly signed on as her manager. With Papa Jonas in her corner and well over a million streams on Spotify to date, this budding young singer-songwriter surely has a bright career ahead of her.