Gearing up for the release of her new album ‘(i think) i might be grown’, Mae Krell gives her fans a preview with the latest single “feeling too much”. Inspired by the emotions and revelations she and her girlfriend dealt with, the sentimental indie folk track is more than your typical love song.

I have always been able to go on tour without worrying about my family and friends too much. I’ve built those relationships to be okay when I am away for a few weeks and not have anything change when I come back. This tour felt different because I truly just missed my girlfriend so much, and it was unusual for me that playing a show didn’t make that feeling of missing someone go away. It’s the first time that I really felt like I was risking losing someone to follow my dreams.

Known for her exceptional lyricism, the NYC-based singer-songwriter is preparing to dive deep and let listeners in for her debut album. As the fifth single off the upcoming project, Mae Krell holds nothing back and shines through her vulnerability. Produced by the multi-instrumentalist Jakob Leventhal, the album deals with the everyday struggles and difficulties we all face including love and mental health.