As we age, we all think about the “what-ifs” in life and how choices affect our future selves. In Mae Krell’s latest single, “who we said we’d be”, she explores past relationships with loved ones from her childhood and how paths in life affected those relationships:

“I was scrolling through my phone late one night and a ton of my old friends had posted on social media around the same time. After having not seen much from them in a while, I suddenly noticed that they had moved away from the city and were still in touch, like we had always talked about doing… but it seemed like I was the only one who didn’t. I consciously know that I made the decisions that were the best fit for me considering individual circumstances, but sometimes when I see glimpses of where I could be if I had made a different choice, the choice that I had thought was right for me, I’m not so sure anymore. That confusion and isolation became the whole concept of this song. I couldn’t help but feel stuck: simultaneously knowing that I did what was best for me and also questioning if I would’ve been better off in a different way, if I’d be happier.”

This is the second single off Mae’s upcoming debut album set for release in April 2024 and is accompanied by a cinematic music video shot on Super 8 film. The video focuses on the singer-songwriter’s nostalgic memories of her NYC home. Armed with earnest lyricism, Mae’s indie-folk aesthetic personifies the often overlooked emotions and experiences that come with modern life. With the help of producer and multi-instrumentalist Jakob Leventhal, they offer a perfect cushion for the deeply vulnerable discussions of mental health and the struggles that plague daily life for millions of people.