The eponymous album ‘Navah Sea’ by British producer/songwriter Phil Simmonds discusses themes of love and the evolution of relationships, self-reflection and personal growth. The album is pleasantly eclectic with a bit of a chamber pop throwback vibe a la Sgt. Pepper’s and Pet Sounds. Phil’s soulful, melancholic vocals create a dreamy vibe throughout the album. This vocal aesthetic is most potently expressed in the song “Maybe You Could Change the World”, a beautifully poignant ballad about a father’s mixed feelings of hope and concern at the birth of his child.

The moniker, Navah Sea was originally created by Phil Simmonds to highlight his skills as a singer and artist after being widely known for his production and songwriting. As a producer/songwriter, he worked on Eryn Allen Kane’s critically acclaimed “A Tree Planted By Water”, and with artists like Kareem LomaxMasegoSnoh AllegraNao and Lucky Daye. Starting off as a touring musician in his teenage years, Simmonds later transitioned into a musical director for Jessie J, Conrad Sewell and Zak Abel. With an equal passion for painting, the multifaceted Navah Sea combines his multiple skill sets and truly embodies the title artist.