This month UK record producer Phil Simmonds (aka Navah Sea) released “Roll Call”, the third single from his forthcoming eponymous debut album. Flexing his producer muscles and perhaps adding a bit of playfulness to the album, “Roll Call” features psychedelic elements like tape manipulation, whimsical percussion and Baroque Pop strings on the chorus. The song’s lyrical narrative speaks to the evolution of young love and how maturity influences relationships throughout adulthood. The theme of growing up and reassessing life runs throughout the album. 

Widely known for his production talents, Phil Simmonds created the Navah Sea moniker to highlight his exceptional songwriting skills and soulful vocals. The British-born producer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and painter has been a hidden gem within the music scene since his teenage years as a touring musician. After coming off tour, he became musical director for Jessie J, Zak Abel, and Conrad Sewell while scoring credits and collaborations with established artists like Kareem LomaxMasegoSnoh AllegraNao and Lucky Daye. As a painter and musician, Simmonds cross-pollinates his passion for both art forms to influence one another.