Out this week, ok, tyler’s new album ‘PROFESSIONAL PRETENDER’ takes us on a journey through a range of genres and emotions, showcasing his exceptional range as an artist, producer and musician. Peppered with ethereal voice memo vignettes, the album heads off in totally unexpected directions but is tied together by Tyler’s authentic emotional depth and subtle dark humor. For example, the opening track “Jenny, u were my first” is a super catchy song with a jazzy sax solo that’s about falling in love with your dead girlfriend’s sister.

Originally from Tennessee but now based in NYC, Tyler Moore is a pure one-stop shop writing and self-producing all his own music. Although not tied to a specific genre, when pressed he describes his music as a cross between Rex Orange County, Dominic Fike and The 1975. Having already had his music synced in Netflix’s “Devil In Ohio” and “Pieces Of Her”, he’s also proved to be syncable AND original. Not an easy task!