Enter the Päterverse.

An accomplished actor, writer, director and recording artist performing under the moniker Päter, Parmida Kakavand’s unique style of songwriting navigates themes like self-discovery and mental health with an irreverent, lighthearted touch. So it was no surprise that the brilliant lead single “Dam, Damn” from the self-produced EP “SOLE” received well over 300k streams on Spotify. Quite the achievement for a debut release. It’s also what caught our ears, it’s just a damn good song! Following on the heels of that initial success, this past week Päter released a powerful follow-up single “Earth In Revolt”, a frenetic climate action anthem that the world needs to hear.

“I wrote this song when I was driving down the highway early in the pandemic and there was this massive, orange sunset filling up the whole horizon. It felt like nature flaunting its ability to reclaim itself. That’s where the “Earth in Revolt” line comes from. We often talk about the Earth like it’s this fragile thing we must altruistically save and I think that’s us overestimating our place in the world. This is a song about someone violently waking up to that.” – Päter

It’s extraordinary when an artist can effortlessly jump from genre to genre and still retain a unique sense of self. Päter does this with ease. It’s always a thrill to be working with raw new talent when they’re tinkering in the lab and feeling things out. There’s no telling what we’ll hear next, but it’s definitely gonna be worth a listen!