The sophomore album from Canadian singer-songwriter Päter‘WHEREFORE WEEP I THEN?’ is a pure expression of their unique, eccentric indie pop style. The EP addresses struggles of love and all its accompanying anxieties; all delivered in a wry, subversive tone. Päter’s latest single, “FAN FAN FAN” is a quirky breakup song which approaches the sensitive topic with a welcome bit of levity:

FAN FAN FAN was written from the point of unrequited love when you’ve cried every last tear, lost every last minute of sleep and things start to get a bit topsy turvy. There’s a deliriousness to it. I wrote this when I was feeling particularly stubborn about a relationship that wasn’t going my way. It let me release the tension around it and laugh at myself a bit. I think if you’ve ever been there, you’ll understand the melodrama of this song. It feels that dramatic when you’re in it.

–     Päter

Iran-born and Toronto-based singer-songwriter, Parmida Kakavand first began releasing music in 2020 under the moniker Päter, and has sinced gained somewhat a cult following. Their pleasantly left-of-center approach to songwriting navigates themes like self-discovery and mental health with a lighthearted touch. Päter’s brilliant debut single “Dam, Dam” has garnered over a million streams on Spotify to date.