Pool Kids have arrived, courtesy of our favorite Midwest indie rock label Skeletal Lightning! Their new self-titled album ‘Pool Kids’ is a powerful yet accessible fusion of emotional, technically-elevated math rock. The record spans from high energy and emotionally charged songs to softer mid-tempo moments. Blending layered synths and guitar riffs, producer Mike Vernon Davis brings out unique indie-pop textures that are a new frontier for the band. Lyrically, the album pulls from the universal notion of rebirth and rebuilding from past traumatic experiences.

With the addition of two new writing members and everyone being spread out throughout the country, it grew increasingly difficult to complete this album. Aside from the distance the group experienced the ultimate nightmare when their studio flooded; ruining equipment, original music and most importantly their momentum. Despite the challenges they persevered, delivering nothing short of magic.

Check out the video for their latest single off the album, “Arm’s Length”: