At some point in our lives, we’ve all felt that notion of being lost, forgotten, or not necessarily conscious of our place or purpose in life. In “Obliviamos”, the latest single by the alt-rock band Roseburg, they focus on this very concept with a compassionate message. This emotionally charged track pulls at the heart strings and draws the listener in with an anthemic chorus. What else could you ask for?

They thought we fell into oblivion
Didn’t we say
That we know we’re gonna find our way (our way)
Don’t you know we’re gonna find our way (our way)

The formation of the Utah-based quartet is an interesting story as Zach Knell and Samuel Sheppard met as Mormon missionaries in the town of Roseburg and communicated via handwritten notes with hopes of starting a band. They began working on their debut album when they met fellow missionary Keith Lambson and finally in 2019, bass player Soren Buchert joined the group. Over the years, the members released solo projects but are now gearing up for the release of new material from Roseburg.