Raw, introspective and fueled by feminine rage, Sam Casey’s latest EP, ‘More Songs About Weed and Toxic Relationships’ is an unfiltered and unapologetic response to the question, who is Sam Casey? Inspired by the good and bad aspects of love that filled the past two years of her life, Sam gives an honest look at the effect certain relationships had on her.

There are no secret messages on the EP, no hidden meaning. It says what it means and it means what it says. And so do I. One of my biggest strengths is my affinity for everything real.

This is the third EP from the Toronto-based singer-songwriter, who from a very young age has established her boss-girl mentality. Her songwriting originally started out as journal entries and later sparked the beginning of her music career. Rooted in personal experiences of toxic relationships and struggles with mental illness, Casey bears it all when it comes to her music.