When Scary Pockets joined our roster back in March it seemed less like an artist signing than a full-on enterprise level partnership. The band is like a well-oiled machine, relentlessly cranking out a new cover every week accompanied by a professionally filmed live video posted to their highly successful YouTube channel. Their massive catalog has single-handedly more than tripled our covers library, opening up some excellent opportunities for us to work on productions requiring a degree of recognizability.

This week Scary Pockets released a new cover of one of our all-time favorites, the Isley Brothers classic “It’s Your Thing”. This isn’t so much of a reinterpretation as it is a gender flip, with the fabulous Brooke Simpson absolutely crushing it on vocals.

Scary Pockets is comprised of two core members, musicians Ryan Lerman (John Legend, Michael Buble, Ben Folds) and Jack Conte (Pomplamoose, CEO of Patreon), featuring some of LA’s top session players fronted by a rotating cast of guest performers including artists like BAHAMAS, Bruno Major, Joshua Radin, Ben Folds, and Kina Grannis. Their highly original Funk/Soul interpretations of popular songs have earned them a solid following of 782k subscribers on YouTube and 650k monthly listeners on Spotify.

As if Scary Pockets wasn’t busy enough, they launched the acoustic covers project stories in 2019 which in just over two years has recorded over 150 beautifully arranged acoustic covers. You know, as a side hustle. So now you know, we have covers of basically every song ever written.