Our experiences and the things we remember all play a part in our past and the baggage we carry. In SHEISA’s latest single, “Reloj” (“Clock”) they sing about the concept of time and sentimentality, all delivered with the group’s uplifting and powerful vocals. Full of cinematic elements and builds, this dream pop song is the first single off their upcoming EP “En La Mochila” (“In the Bag”) which explores the notion of baggage we carry.

Solo quiero recordarte / I just want to remember you
Guardarte en esa parte / Keep you in that part
Donde no he dejado a nadie más llegar / Where I have not let anyone else reach
Sentir que el mundo nos da vueltas / Feel the world is spinning around
Las horas no se cuentan / The hours do not count
Y que el reloj se pare ahí / And let the clock stop there

This all-female Latin Pop group is composed of best friends and songwriters, Faride, Gaby and Cristy. The ladies run a one-stop shop where they produce, sing and write all their own material. The idea behind their name comes from the empowered concept of women being able to be whatever they desire. With over 200k+ Spotify Monthly Listeners, these talented ladies are just getting started so stay tuned for their upcoming EP!