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“Cabbage” by Orrin and “Smoke” by TheRealEVK are featured in episode 5 of the new FX mini-docuseries “Hip Hop Uncovered”, airing February 26th on FX, or catch it streaming on-demand on Hulu. About “Hip Hop Uncovered” “Hip Hop Uncovered” is an examination of a dying breed of power brokers who operate from the shadows of hip-hop. Set against 40 years of music history, this six-part documentary series takes a deep dive into the paradox of America’s criminalization of the genre and its fascination with the street culture that created it and still exists within it. Instead of telling the story of hip-hop from the top down, “Hip Hop Uncovered” tells the story from the streets up, as it reveals the untold story of how America’s streets helped shape hip-hop culture from an expression of survival and defiance into one of music’s most dominant genres.

Several hip hop tracks by our artists Call Me Ace, Julian Xtra, Nate Rose and Orrin were used in a live-streaming event promoting Verizon 5G Ultra Wideband. The event featured Twitch megastar Myth crushing Fortnite with the new Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, as well as tips and tricks for gameplay. About the Event According to Verizon, the 5G Stadium in Fortnite Creative, is the largest activation ever built in Fortnite’s Creative Mode and will give gamers the opportunity to interact with their favorite NFL players and pro gamers in a way that’s never been done before. The activation will feature four football-inspired games and a few hidden surprises for players. Highlighting the power of 5G for gaming, the virtual stadium was built utilizing the low lag and high speeds made possible by the Verizon 5G Ultra Wideband network.

Orrin is a strange dude. A self-described “collective conscious and cyborg sent by a higher civilization to warn humans about the incoming apocalypse”, Orrin exclusively speaks using plural pronouns. They claim to use music as a vehicle to spread their message about disease, famine, environmental disaster and the overall impending apocalypse. Oh, and of course he went on Dr. Phil. Regardless of who or what Orrin really is, there is undeniable musical talent hidden within. “HARLEY”, the first single off his upcoming full length album NO ADLIB, is a hard-hitting alternative hip hop track merging early 2000’s rock sonics with the modern “punch-in” flow made popular by Rico Nasty and Lil Uzi Vert. The rest of the album is loud, bassy, brash and absolutely filthy. We have the clean mixes, but honestly it won’t make much of a difference. If you’re looking for raw and unique alternative rap, WE got […]

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