Orrin, the collective conscious cyborg, presents “Project X”. The new track is the first installment in his four part cyborg hero tale. Orrin plays a rogue cyborg who has escaped the lab in hopes of saving the world as he constantly avoids capture by the people who created him. On the track “Project X,” the tech savvy rapper showcases his intense and clever lyrical skills combined with a bass-bumping alternative hip hop beat produced by SREDNA.

In 2021, the NYU graduate took a year-long hiatus from music to reflect, travel, and develop new ideas. During his travels he spent several months in Berlin, where the city’s dynamic nightlife scene inspired “Project X.” Although the cyborg started out as a fictional character on social media and television, Orrin realized he wanted to enact real change through this persona. After acquiring several grants and building a blockchain platform, he’s now able to act on that original promise of the cyborg and save the world. “Project X” symbolizes his new return as a cyborg, ready to take action.

The accompanying music video was directed and written by Orrin, with animations by Iceblade19.