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Here in Brooklyn this time of year is a big deal, it’s when we finally get to enjoy our first taste of warm and breezy weather. And after the brutal COVID winter, it’s all the more special to finally be able to get outside and bask in the sun! This feeling isn’t lost on native New Yorker turned L.A. music supervisor Russell Manning, aka Rush Midnight, whose new single “Wine & Summertime” is the perfect soundtrack to getting back to enjoying the simple things in life. The second single off his upcoming album “Delilah”, the song is dreamy, sensual and subtly funky. Somewhat reminiscent of Tame Impala, “Wine & Summertime” strikes a balance between retro and futuristic depending on the perspective of the listener. As you might expect from a band led by an Oberlin-trained jazz bassist, Rush Midnight’s music is centered around Manning’s flawless melodic basslines. With less emphasis […]

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