We all know the highs of a relationship can be magical while the lows can sometimes be quite traumatizing, but in Rush Midnight’s latest single, “off/on” he reflects on the beauty of it all. Sticking true to his signature sound of lush synths, funky bass lines, horn stabs and mesmerizing vocals, this song is a smooth 70’s throwback a la Tame Impala, Neon Indian and Blood Orange.

We try to transform lingering relationship trauma into beautiful art.  We wrote this song by a pool in West Hollywood. A love affair that evolves downward always has its extreme highs and lows etched into our memories; there’s beauty in it.

New York native Russell Manning began his journey in music studying jazz at Oberlin under bass legends Buster Williams, Eddie Gomez and Leon Dorsey. After touring overseas with the band Twin Shadow he settled down in Los Angeles and began his career in music supervision. He brings all that experience into Rush Midnight, which is why it’s just so darn syncable.