The Kickdrums has returned with “Sunshine Guy” – an ethereal burst of indie rock melancholia that lyrically reflects the strange days that we’re trudging through so far in 2020. While the song was written before we lived in a state of pandemic, it perfectly encapsulates the emotional rollercoaster and weird state of mind that most of us have experienced since being locked in quarantine. The song is built on layers of synths intricately arranged and intertwined with a bouncing bassline and reflexive percussion to create a soundscape that feels both otherworldly and intimately relatable.

The Kickdrums is the recording alias of producer/singer/songwriter, Alex Fitts. Over the course of his career, Fitts has been celebrated for his incredible dynamism as a songwriter/producer. He’s produced for such legendary artists as Kid Cudi, 50 Cent, K Flay, Lana Del Rey, Freddie Gibbs, and Slaughterhouse while maintaining a sizable cult following on the artist side over the course of his two full-lengths and two EPs. Since relocating from New York City to Spain in 2018, Fitts has experienced a creative renaissance that is resulting in some of the strongest material of his career. While his location doesn’t necessarily resonate in any overt ways on the new music, being freed from the pressures of New York City has opened up new channels of creativity for Fitts that have manifested in a blending of the best aspects of The Kickdrums catalog with new twists that are sure to keep his fanbase happy while exciting new listeners that are discovering the band.