The creative inspiration for The Polish Ambassador’s new album ‘Vol.1, Super Chill Goats’ was the addition of seven milking goats to his 25 acre goat, sheep and fruit tree homestead. Complete with a solar powered music studio, it’s the perfect environment for creating this club-worthy fusion of EDM, hip hop, funk, synthwave and global sounds. From hard-hitting female rap in “Diamonds Hands” to the sounds of India found in “Friends with Bananafits” and reggaeton vibes in “The Rudest Tempo”, the album is an eclectic mix that will surely make you as chill as those goats!

Known for his trademark jumpsuit, David Sugalski aka The Polish Ambassador, has quite the unique setup at his Northern California residence. Over the years, he has had the opportunity to headline Red Rocks and perform at major festivals like Lightning in the Bottle, Electric Forest Festival, Suwannee Hulaween. To understand more about his origin story and mythology behind the TPA character just check out his full length graphic novel, The Polish Ambassador to Space.