Like so many kids growing up poor in the NYC projects, two clear options were laid before Miguel Cespedes, better known as TruRebel Migs. Pursue a life of crime in the streets, or plan an escape route through music. And it was the latter which brought this brilliant young rapper out to Los Angeles to record his EP “Lust, Love & War – Detox & Quarantine | Part 1”.

From the very first hit of the opening track “Needs” you immediately get drawn into a dark, swirling vortex with a bit of a menacing vibe. With lyrical themes of sex, drugs, violence and street life, it’s very much what you’d expect from a rap record. But Migs delivers real emotion in his voice that you can really feel. His elevated sense of phrasing, melody, wordplay and imagery set him apart from most rappers. The production on the record is notable as well, with dark, moody synths and tastefully minimalist beats that don’t rely too heavily on stuttering trap hats.

In the verses on “Loyal”, Migs talks about his musical escape from the projects:
See when you chasing your dreams
And you plot and you scheme
You wave bye to the people you know
Gotta sacrifice for a better life right
I been outright looking inside
Breaking late nights when the pen strikes
Tryna break plights with my insight

Brand new to the sync game, we’re very excited to have an artist like TruRebel Migs on our roster. With over 1.5 million streams on Spotify and features in Vibe and Elevator, he’s quietly bubbling up from underground and ready to break loose.

Take a sneak peek at the new video for “Needs”: Definitely NSFW, but chances are you’re not in an office right now so just go for it!