The sequel to his debut EP Lust, Love and War – Detox & Quarantine | Part 1bicoastal rapper TruRebel Migs returns with a the more laid back and melodic record Part 2In contrast to Part 1 which dealt with the realities and struggles of living through the pandemic, Part 2 is more lyrically positive with a thematic focus on love. So it’s no coincidence that he’s dropping the record on Valentine’s Day.

Mostly composed via stream of consciousness and freestyle, the songs “Fish In Agua,” “Surf & Turf” & “Wet Wet,” incorporate aquatic metaphors as a motif throughout the record. The production also incorporates the concept of binaural beats, using various frequencies to produce an effect on the brain. 

TruRebel Migs grew up in the Bronx raised by a single mom in the projects, but his love for music and relentless hustle helped guide him to a better life. Since the release of his debut single “Same” in 2017, he has diligently worked towards mastering his craft. Always intellectually curious and fascinated by trends in tech, business and fashion, Migs is always exploring what can help take his career to the next level. Working with Bodega Sync, he’s now focused on establishing a name for himself in the sync world as well. His first placement was this past summer was for his Caribbean flavored track “Come Too” in the HBO reality dating series FBoy Island, with another big sync slated for a hit network television show coming up this Spring. Details soon!