We’re proud to announce up to seven placements in the mobile game Beatstar. Songs by Adrian Daniel, No Suits, Nate Rose, The Indiana Drones, Daz Rinko, Bryce Green and Jenn Morel are featured in this blasting music adventure available on Android and iOS.

Adrian Daniel

Adrian Daniel is an American singer, songwriter, and producer from Brooklyn named as responsible for Neo-soul living on into the new decade. His music is described as dark R&B, arousing, revealing, with elements of pop, soul, hip-hop and electronic grooves. His song “Wolf Cry” is now available to play on Beatstar and this is his fifth placement with Bodega Sync.

No Suits

Emerging in the late 2010s and formed by childhood friends, Los Angeles-based band No Suits blurs genres with an R&B and hip-hop-influenced blend that incorporates funk, psych rock, and electronic textures. Their track “Sega Genesis” will be available to play soon on Beatstar and is the band’s seventh placement with Bodega Sync.

Nate Rose

Referred to as the “James Bond of rap” for his debonair demeanor and emphasis on intellect, Nashville rapper Nate Rose is a hip-hop artist & creative artist often with more than 30 million combined streams across listening platforms through intricate lyricism, decadent melodies, and a strong desire and drive to be one of the greats. His song “Egos” is now available to play on Beatstar, making it his sixth sync placement with Bodega Sync.

The Indiana Drones

Hailing from Windsor, Ontario, the solo project of singer/guitarist Justin Zuccato, The Indiana Drones make emotive, literate punk and acoustic rock anthems. This one-man-band writes, produces, records and plays all the instruments on his albums packing a big punch, with immaculately polished Alt. Rock production chops. His track “Be Where You Are” will be available soon to play on Beatstar.

Daz Rinko

His seventh overall placement with Bodega Sync, Daz Rinko’s “Candy Mane” will also be available soon on Beatstar. With an irresistible Southern hip hop groove and effortlessly tackling difficult topics like love or religion Daz is well known for his upbeat, positive jams, and genre-blending style.

Bryce Green

An artist whose fierce lyricism, electrifying charisma and melodic singing sets fire to any scene, Bryce Green is one of the most exhilarating rappers in the game today. This is Bryce’s fourth placement with Bodega Sync and his third overall with the song “BOOM”.

Jenn Morel

Jenn Morel is a Dominican-American artist known for her vibrant blend of reggaeton, Latin pop, urban music styles, and for her aggressive flows and in-your-face attitude. Her song “Estilo Cochino” is available to play on Beatstar as of March 1st. This is Jenn’s second placement with Bodega Sync.

Beatstar by Space Ape

Beatstar is the next generation of music games with a new type of rhythm playability that lets you touch your music and experience it in a whole new way. You just need to follow the rhythm, tapping and swiping to the instruments, vocals or beats to master your favorite songs. Every beat is yours for the taking, just make sure you can keep up.

Check out here how Beatstar goes: