Holy Roller Baby is starting the year off strong with an electrifying and bad-to-the-bone track filled with swagger and energy. “How To Love A Ticking Time Bomb” taps into the retro side of 70’s blues rock with fuzzy guitar riffs that will have your hair all in a mess from headbanging! Frontman Jared Mullins was inspired to write the track after witnessing a woman drowning in during a flood:

I was driving in the country during a very bad thunderstorm–the kind you’re normally supposed to take cover for. I didn’t. I was dumb. I kept driving even as the water on the road piled up and eventually became too much for myself and a batch of equally arrogant drivers who thought they could weather any storm. Eventually the water levels rose so much it flooded my car as I came to an underpass. The bridge water was high and as I came to a stop, I saw in the distance that a few other drivers were helping a woman who couldn’t get out of her car. That image has stayed with me for a lifetime. I’ve never forgotten that image and I’ve never forgotten the way this song made me feel–wild, alive, and helplessly human at the same time. Every time it comes on, I think of the woman in the water.

In 2019, this Austin-based rock collective started their musical journey with the release of their first single after gaining recognition from renowned producer Ian Davenport (Radiohead, Band of Skulls). Pulling from classic influences like The Beatles and Black Sabbath, the band has developed their sound with a nod to 70’s hard rock but in a contemporary tone.