Nate Rose doesn’t need anyone’s help. Seriously, you could throw the prefix “self” in front of just about anything and it would apply: -written, -produced, -mixed, -mastered, -released, -managed-, -promoted, -published, -incorporated, and certainly not least of all -confident. In his newest release “By Myself”, this dapper rapper vents some steam while also bragging on his personal drive, determination, work ethic, and DIY attitude:

“I originally made this beat for Gunna, but he passed on it. Rediscovered it one day while sifting through beats and at the time I was feeling really sour about a few individuals I had been doing business with. In that headspace of anger I felt inclined to write a reminder of how I came to build my career over the years doing all my own production, writing, recording, mixing & mastering, graphics, video production, marketing etc.”

All that hard work has truly paid off, with a fast-growing fanbase and over 220k monthly listeners on Spotify. The sync community is starting to take notice as well, with his music recently being featured in a live activation event for Verizon 5G Ultra Wideband and another two unreleased tracks being featured in the soundtrack to an upcoming top-secret video game. That’s right, we’re not telling. NDA’s. We’re psyched to be working with Nate, just so long as the only thing he really needs help with is sync.

Go check out the video “By Myself” and soak up some swagger:

Nate Rose – By Myself [Music Video]