PRXZM’s latest single “Eyes On You” stays true to their signature synth-pop sound and delves into the concept of leadership. As we know a leadership role comes with responsibility and hard choices around integrity. How will you handle the pressure when it’s all up to you?

PRXZM is a California-based synth-pop duo that has captured the hearts of global audiences with their unique blend of ’80s-infused synth-pop. Emma and Nick have been consistently evolving their music, seamlessly blending ethereal synths with captivating vocal performances. Influenced by a wide range of artists from the ’80s like Kenny Loggins, Bruce Springsteen and Madonna, to contemporary icons such as Florence and the Machine and Taylor Swift, PRXZM’s music is a rich tapestry of past and present pop sensibilities. In 2021, their song “What It Means To Win” was featured in the hit video game Forza Horizon 5.