Miami-based Pop/R&B artist PXTN describes his new single “Take It” as being inspired by his thoughts about selfishness. “The world needs to be selfless and give more. I’ve learned that the more you give, the more it comes back.” The song opens with sparse instrumentation and vulnerable vocals, quickly building into a massive back end chorus complete with choir vocals and string arrangements.

“Take It” was featured in a powerful emotional scene underscoring a troubled father/son relationship in episode 305 of Netflix’s “On My Block”, which premiered its third season on March 11th. This is easily the best montage song in our catalog, so if you’re looking for something with an emotional build that tugs on the heart strings you need to grab this one!

PXTN got his start on Season 10 of The Voice, where he placed in the top eight contestants. He’s since evolved into an artist with a voice of his own and continues to grow his successful career as a songwriter, recording artist and dancer/choreographer.