The first in a series of upcoming singles following the release of her 2021 debut album “Partly Cloudy”, Atlanta rapper Rochelle Bloom is back with a new hip hop anthem, “Game Time.” Written with a clear thematic focus on sports, the track is all about giving it your all and working together as a team to achieve that win. Featured artist Mug$ Amillion opens the song with the hook drenched in Southern swagger, backed by a hard-hitting beat and triumphant horns. Rochelle follows with the opening verse in her signature intense, yet subdued syncopated rap style.

The Atlanta-based rapper’s unique story-telling lyricism paired with a dark, cinematic production style has established a booming sound that is uniquely her own. In 2021 her song “Dandylion” was featured on the hit series reboot of Charmed, which was her first introduction into the world of sync. There’s no doubt that Rochelle is lyrically gifted, highly motivated and hard-working. Never shy about her aspiration for success in the rap game, she marks every email with the hashtag #8xGrammys. She goes hard to the finish line.