Rochelle Bloom doesn’t seem to care much about what other rappers are doing these days. Her debut album “Partly Cloudy” is not trendy, you surely won’t find anything on the radio that sounds quite like it. Her music projects her own individual aesthetic; sexy but not sexual, dark but positive, cerebral yet poetic. Clean mixes not needed.

The album release arrives with a beautifully filmed music video for the lead single “Stories I Create In My Head”, directed by Derek Evans. The video is stark and unsettling, as is the video’s emotional narrative about the struggles of family life, what defines success and living up to the expectations of others.

Still fairly new to the Atlanta hip hop scene, Rochelle Bloom has already developed her own unique sound on her own terms. Having just had her very first placement earlier this year with her song “Dandylion” on CW’s “Charmed”, things are bound to take off for this artist in 2021!