The new single “Reflections” by the L.A. Alt-Pop band Ships Have Sailed is a profound exploration of human existence, purpose and resilience. This track delves deep into the essence of what it means to be human, contemplating how we navigate our paths, find strength in adversity and mirror each other when we establish genuine connections. The song draws inspiration from songwriter Will Carpenter’s childhood experiences:

I remember wishing for more as a child growing up in poverty – constantly anxious and wondering whether life would ever get better. The most peaceful moments I can remember from this time were camping trips with my friends where we would literally climb up a mountain and lay on our backs under the stars, feeling a sense of kinship and purpose as we shared our hopes and dreams. I’ve been able to create a better life for myself, chase my dreams, build a home and a family of my own and, reflecting on my past has been a big part of my creative journey.

Ships Have Sailed was formed in 2013 by Will Carpenter, who previously played in a band before deciding to focus on his own musical vision. Alongside drummer Art Andranikyan and a host of guest collaborators, the band has built a unique sound that ranges from big anthems to deeply emotional. Their song “Get Loud” was recently featured in an in-stadium hype video for their hometown hockey team the L.A. Kings. If you’re looking for a country tinged sports anthem, you need to check this one out!