Love is in the air this Valentine’s day! Whether you’re deeply fallen or just feeling the first flutter of a new love, The 1-800’s latest single, “First Love”, will take you back to that nostalgic start of it all. With a modern spin on synthwave (a la early Daft Punk), the band creates an innocently charming song that will sure to have you all up in your feelings.

The synth pop/retrowave band hails from El Paso, Texas and uses everyday experiences of uncomfortable truths to bring their audience together. Their song “Lovewave” garnered viral attention as it became one of Instagram’s most viral trends of 2022 and had over 1.5 million Tik Tok hits. The band also landed a recent sync placement in the YouTube docuseries “Michael Fassbender: Road to Le Mans“ with their song “This Might Be It”.