Above the Arctic Circle during Norway’s season of darkness, a chance encounter between an American and a Norwegian spawned a transatlantic musical partnership called The Familiar. The duo of native New Yorker Ruth Mirsky and Tromsø-born producer Mads Martinsen is the northern lights meeting the skyscrapers of New York. Their sound, hailed as “seductive synthpop” by The Guardian, has evolved over the past few years with two independently released EPs, numerous music videos and syncs including a spot for HP Enterprise, MTV’s “Awkward” and a trailer for the Norwegian series “Unge Lovende”.

The Familiar are back with a powerful new single “Everything”, the first release off their forthcoming debut full-length album. The song is a smoldering tribute to northern Norway—a magical place that beckons like a siren, where time seems to freeze in a darkness that never moves. Gloves and a warm hat are recommended before listening.