“In And Through The Body”, the brilliant new record by Trevor Hall invokes self-examination by exploring themes such as struggle, growth, and redemption. Produced by Brad Cook (Bon Iver, the War on Drugs, Hiss Golden Messenger) this album sees him taking bold chances with his music while staying true to his core values. Hall uses a palette of genres that span from folk, roots-rock and electronic, all with a consistent wash of authentic far-Eastern influence.

“As an artist I’ve always received songs about abstract things. One of the reasons that I love music so much is that I can enter any world, and sometimes I’d write about things that I couldn’t explain in words but were a feeling. I would tend to push away human emotions because I thought they weren’t as worthy as these abstract states. But this album is called “In And Through The Body”.

It’s about entering that space through our human selves and human emotions. I’ve been blessed to meet so many amazing people in my life, and one characteristic that sticks out is that they are so incredibly human, and it’s that humanness that makes them so divine. That’s what’s really different about this album is working through my own human emotions. We have to cultivate them in a real and positive way. It’s a journey of exploration, and growth, and playfulness, and joy.” – Trevor Hall

In its first month of release the record has racked up an impressive 5.4 million plays on Spotify, adding to Trevor’s incredible 386 million total streams across all platforms. Standout tracks for sync include “My Own”, “Fire On Your House” and “Blue Sky Mind”, all one-stop and exclusively licensable through Bodega Sync!